Affordable Lodging


$30 USD Double Room

$30 USD Double Room


$30 Room


$40 Oceanfront Room

$40 Oceanfront Room

$40 Oceanfront Room

$40 Oceanfront Room


2 responses to “Affordable Lodging

  1. Elizabeth Barkley

    My 12 year old son and I stayed in this room over Spring Break (April 2012) for 10 days. We had a great time, and were even able to cook our own meals to save money! We did splurge a couple times, though, and joined Chef Miguel and some others for one of his special “Sunday Dinners”! We’re hoping to go back over Christmas. It’s right on the beach and we were able to walk to everything!

  2. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to stay at Cuisine de Miguel. Miguel, Sarah, Jack and Mango are as kind and delightful as any humans I have ever met. They warmly welcome you into their perfect beach home and immediately make you feel like part of the family. Speaking of family, the family dinner they host once a week is an absolute must – Miguel is a phenomenal cook serving multiple courses of the best food we had during our stay. Additionally the fellowship around the table is joyous and fulfilling while the waves crash on shore just a few meters away. If you play guitar Miguel loves to jam and freestyle any time of day. On a special note it was my birthday while there and I received many hugs and a three man acoustic birthday serenade. Jack also took us on a hike on the northern end of S├ímara and led us to breathtaking peak views and a private hidden beach. It was amazing to have a local guide through the area. I cannot wait to return and I already miss this dear family and their lovely home.

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