Cuisine Miguel


 Cuisine Miguel proudly serves …

  • Private Dinners for 2-10 persons
  • Menu to be mutually decided upon
  • Bring your own beverages
  • Reasonable Prices

3 responses to “Cuisine Miguel

  1. Hi! We are staying at Brett Meckes home right now and he told us about your chef services. We are in a Samara for tonight and tomorrow night, leaving on Jan 7.

    Will you please tell me your prices for dinner? We have 4 people…my boyfriend and I with two 15-year old girls.

    Thank you!


  2. Good morning. We are in Sámara for three weeks and met Annette and Sonny yesterday who raved about your group dinners. My husband and I would very much like to participate in one of them. We like all food and have no allergies. Any evening is fine.

    Thank you,
    Judy and Bryan

    • Hola! Call Miguel 8932 6809. I am Sarah and I am in the US for a couple weeks, but Sonny and Annette can introduce you to MIguel and to his Sunday Dinners. I’ll be back on Feb. 19th. I hope to meet you. Sarah : )

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