The pictures do…

The pictures don’t lie. When you step onto the back porch at Cuisine Miguel you’ll see palm trees, white sand, and the endless blue of the Pacific ocean inviting you to take a dip. A shaded pathway from the porch leads to a grove of coconut palms that opens up to the beautiful crescent-shaped beach of Samara. Continue on this path down to the beach and from there the whole town is walkable. Bring your flashlight for late nights out and know that you’ll be living with geckos. Yes, that’s right, the reptiles! But if the thought of geckos in your bedroom makes you squeamish, then you best not venture to Costa Rica at all. The entire country is teeming with extraordinary wildlife, and as it turns out, these benevolent little buggers eat pesky mosquitoes who would otherwise eat you. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Cuisine Miguel. It is undoubtedly the best deal in Samara both for the price and the people! Don’t miss out on Sunday dinner with Miguel and his friends. Jessica G.


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